Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Archaeology - more evidence

Here we have many sources of Archaeological evidence and proof for the events of scripture.

We trust this list of resources and book recomendations will show enough for you to make an educated conclusion about many major events recorded in the Bible.

Comments are encouraged from Christians if other resources come to mind to build up a larger picture.

Overall Biblical resources:

Adams's Chart of History: A Chronology of Ancient, Modern, and Biblical

I own this personally, it is excellent!

A full online book:
The Annals of the World

General sources:

Creation Research (resources)
Creation website (main)

The history of the Egyptians alongside Bible events:
Unwrapping the Pharoahs
An excellent resource full of photos and comes with DVD.

Ai, walls of Jericho etc.

Other helpful things:

Noah flood legends (i.e. distrorted ideas of the original events but sufficient info to point to the actual event happening)

The grandsons of Noah and the nations that followed thereafter

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