Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Bible: more than a book - One Divine Author

10 Reasons in support of the New Testament manuscript’s reliability

1. NT manuscripts Earlier than other documents that are accepted as reliable
2. More ancient manuscripts (5,886)
3. More accurately copied manuscripts 99.5% accuracy
4. Attested & cited by outside sources the Gnostic gospel of Barnabas (late 1st early 2nd cent) Talmud etc
5. The writing of the church fathers quote the Bible 36,289 times only 11 verses in New Testament not quoted.
6. The oral tradition is a reliable form of transmitting events etc it is not the same as Chinese whispers
7. Studies show it take about two generations for legendary embellishments to creep in therefore many of the original participants would still be alive when the new testament was being written & circulated
8. Luke & Acts were written before 62 AD because Paul was executed around that time and this isn’t recorded & as noted earlier in the thread neither is the fall of Jerusalem
9. “The worker deserves his wages” Luke 10:7 is referred to by Paul in 1Tim 5:18 so it must have been prior to 1 Tim dated 62 -65 AD
10. William Albright an eminent archaeologist “every book of the NT was written by a baptised Jew between the 40s & the 80s of first century AD” (Towards a Conservative View)

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